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KFC | Why Did The Best Chicken Nuggets in Kuwait Disappear

What happened to the best chicken nuggets in Kuwait. KFC chicken nuggets was my very favorite for a very long time. Sadly more than a year ago, it suddenly got discontinued and their only option right now is their popcorn chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I like KFC popcorn chicken, but it doesn’t substitute KFC chicken nuggets. McDonald’s chicken nuggets does compete with KFC, but I still prefer KFC chicken nuggets much more. I really hope they offer it again one day, because I really miss it. I don’t know other places which offers good chicken nuggets besides KFC and McDonald’s.

KFC | Best Fast Food Wrap in Kuwait for 2019

Spicy Zinger Twister is the name of the best fast food wrap in Kuwait. I feel that this wrap is generally lighter than having a dinner box, which is 3 pieces of fried chicken. I don’t feel heavy after the meal if I eat one, but if I eat two. I remain full for a long time. I like to order Zinger Twister from the drive through, and eat it in the car while someone else is driving, especially for long distances. KFC chose the best slogan to describe their food “Finger Lickin’ Good.”

KFC | Best Fried Chicken in Kuwait for 2019

Whenever I feel like to eat fried chicken with bones, I go to KFC in Daiya. I order the bucket of spicy chicken, and ask them to make it fresh. In Daiya, they usually have fresh ones, but if they don’t. I wait between 20 – 25 minutes, but it is worth the wait to have the fried chicken the way it suppose to be. That combination of fried chicken, coleslaw salad, fries, and cold coke is what makes KFC KFC !

KFC Funko Selling Out Everywhere in Kuwait

This is the most amazing Funko I have ever seen. The KFC Funko has been so popular that it sold out in all over Kuwait. I was going from one place to another, and barely found the last piece in the avenues. Now in each of the diwaneyas there will be a KFC Funko, because eating KFC at the Diwaneya is part of the culture. If you ever see one available in Kuwait, grab it, because they don’t last.

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