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Kitco – Bliss Pro Protein Puffs | Product Range From Nostalgia To Innovation

Kitco is one of the most nostalgic products in Kuwait. I  always remember my childhood days when I see Kitco products. There are other nostalgic products such as KDD, FICO, Petra, and more. Seeing Kuwaiti companies innovate makes me happy, and especially when I see a company that relates to my childhood. Now Kitco followed the footsteps on the innovative company Pro Life that created the protein puffs segment. I haven’t tried the product yet but I will receive the samples either today or tomorrow. I will taste the product and update the feedback.

Update: I tried it and it wasn’t the taste that I personally prefer.

Hectare’s | Best Healthy Veggie Chips For Kids in Kuwait

When I eat chips in front of my daughter, she always come and ask for some. I don’t give her any, because she is almost 1.5 years old and I think it is easy to choke while eating regular chips. Few days ago Hectare’s released the product that we were waiting for which is veggie sticks made from tomato, spinach, and potato. The reason my wife and I agreed to give her Hectare’s chips is because they use the highest quality sunflower oil and it is Non GMO, and Gluten & MSG Free. She loved all three flavors, but her favorite is the cheese. Sometimes she chooses the sweet chili but because it has that kick she stops before finishing the entire bag. I am glad to see a product made in Kuwait with such quality. I started to really care what to feed my daughter, because the stuff I grew up eating had a lot of MSG and other things that I should have avoided.

The reason I also really like Hectare’s is because they are the market leader in terms of innovation. They made other local brands copy them whenever they do something. Hectare’s initiated the concept of creating healthy chips ,Non GMO, and Gluten & MSG Free, and now everyone is copying them. The became the market leader in Kuwait and all other brands became followers. The team behind Hectare’s is quality driven, and they want to shape the future of healthy snacks in the region.

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