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Kuwait Best List For E Services Websites, Apps, & Instagram Accounts (2020)

This is the second list I create after creating the E Commerce List. Consolidating all information in one place make things much easier. Below you will find E Services via websites, apps, and Instagram accounts in Kuwait. Again I haven’t tried all of the listed companies, but this is the information I gathered from asking family, friends, and searching online. There are lots of websites, apps, and Instagram accounts that I am not aware of, so please let me know in the comments if you want me to add something to the list.

Home Maintenance

Website Apps Instagram
SRVME (iOS , Android)
MyHome (iOS , Android)
Fix Pro (iOS , Android)
TM (iOS , Android)


Electronics Fixing

Website Apps Instagram
Fix Aid Fixer (iOS , Android) Mr Fix


Car Maintenance & Washing

Website Apps Instagram
Mikaniki Portarage (iOS , Android)
Garagee Ghaseel (iOS , Android)


Home Cleaning

Website Apps Instagram
Bleach Justmop (iOS , Android) Bright Arcade


Clean Care
The Healthy Home



Website Apps Instagram
Just Clean (iOS , Android)
Hanger (iOS , Android)
Ghasalah (iOS , Android)


Health & Fitness

Website Apps Instagram
GymNadz (iOS, Android)
Hot Life (iOS)


E Learning

Website Apps Instagram