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How To Renew Kuwait Civil ID For Kuwaitis Online

I was trying to renew my Civil ID online, and I found multiple websites and most of them were down. I got confused of what to do, and after extensive research I barely found the right site. For Kuwaitis to renew their Civil ID, go to this PACI website. Enter your ID number then the serial number which you can also find on your civil ID. You then have to add a phone number where you will receive an OTP code. For some reason some phone numbers don’t receive it and some do. I used my main phone number but never received anything, so I used another number and it worked. Then you upload your old Civil ID from front and back and upload a digital picture as well. There are guidelines of how the picture must look like. PACI will review the order and will then send you a link to pay around 5 KD or so and then you will receive it from the place they list in the message.