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The All New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Prices in Kuwait

I went today to check the all new Toyota Land Cruiser 2022. I liked the car a lot, and I know for a fact that this car hold value like no other car. The price for the very basic model starts at 18,995 KD. It doesn’t come with a turbo engine. Turbo engine starts at 21,750 KD. The higher model which is Turbo as well but has leather seats starts at 22,650 KD. The higher model which has bigger rims and more features starts at 24,500 KD. The maximum option model is priced at 28,745 KD.

This price list went viral on Whatsapp, and I obtained it from my friends few days after the release

I hate going to car dealers in Kuwait because these people outside whenever they see a Toyota or Lexus they get so close to the car and put their hands on the car’s body. I really felt like I was in the Walking Dead TV Show and was trying to avoid zombies with my car. When I passed them, two cars followed me and parked next to me. As soon as I got out of my car, they asked me how much do I want to sell my car for. I told them I don’t want to sell. They are so annoying and make the experience of going a car dealer really bad.

I really wish there is a company like the ones in the US where they come and evaluate the car at my home and I wish that I can buy the car online. In the US, I bought a car while being in Kuwait via phone. The experience was really amazing. All they did was sending me the documents via Fedex and I signed them and wired their money. The process was very simple.

Update: I decided to buy the new Land Cruiser, and I went today to close the deal. The person who helped me at Toyota was really great and really helpful. His name is Walid Fatouh, and he was very patient with me. I asked him tons of questions and he is extremely knowledgable so it was easy for him to answer all my questions. If I ever deicide to buy another car, I will go to Walid again. The customer experience was really wonderful.

Walid Fatouh Phone #: 50164422. You can call him if you have any questions