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I Want More Legend of Zelda Link & Epona Statues From First4Figures

I have been buying statues from First4Figures since 2014 and my very first one was Link on Epona. A lot of people ask me if I am willing to sell it, but I don’t sell my collection. I bought most of the Legend of Zelda collection from First4Figures, and I think it is time to release another version of Link on Epona. I don’t want an identical one of the old one, but a new one from either Ocarina of Time or Breath of The Wild.

I still think that First 4 Figures, Prime 1 Studio, and Tsume Art are the best statue makers in the industry. In my opinion, the strongest line for each of the statue makers is the following.

First 4 Figures: Legend of Zelda

Prime 1 Studio: Guyver

Tsume Art: Naruto & One Piece