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Farelo Studio | The Best Branding Company in Kuwait & GCC

At the company where I work at, I have worked with lots of branders and designers both locally and internationally. The majority of the ones in Kuwait aren’t that good, and they have no clue what branding really is. They think a brand is just a logo, which isn’t the case at all. A brand differentiate the products and services of a company and it is derived from the founder’s history, values, mission, and vision. I worked with those who create logos as cheap as 3 KD and big companies that creates brands as much as 33,000 KD. I also had meetings with the top companies in the US and they cost 75,000 KD per brand.The best brander that we found at our company is Farelo Studio which is a branding company based in Portugal. The founder’s name is Pedro Farelo and he has been doing branding for more than 20 years, and he really gets it. The process is very simple, where he ask lots of the question about the brand and founders. That step requires effort in terms of thinking and answering to the best degree, because he will take every single answer, and you will see it in the brand development. Farelo Studio team are very familiar with the Kuwaiti market since a lot of his clients are based in Kuwait, UAE Dubai, and the rest of GCC. When it comes to pricing, which I believe is really good for what you get. There is a basic package which is enough for startups or new businesses. Of course requirements is what determine the package price . The big companies will go for the big packages because they have a lot to brand and bigger requirements than smaller businesses. Brands that Farelo Studio developed are Back Combined, GraphoGame, CrossField, Wedian, SushiCorner, and more.

Farelo Studio secret process for brand development is the briefing and What, How, and Why. You will get what that means once you see the branding PDF’s below

Wedian is the brand that I liked the most, and once you see the briefing and What, How, and Why of the brand. You will realize the effort that went into the brand development. Check the full brand in the link and go over it slide by slide while reading the content in details (Wedian Brand)

Ufff is my second favorite brand, and it is the extreme opposite of Wedian. Check out (Ufff brand)

The founder of Farelo Studio is currently in Kuwait for the next few days and he will be giving a lecture at Kuwait University tomorrow 7th, March, 2023.

I highly recommend Farelo Studio for branding, and I am recommending this company after working with them for the past 8 years. I personally wanted to brand Ryukers with Farelo Studio, but I wanted to start lean because I am not selling anything so far. Once the blog grows more, I will rebrand it with Farelo Studio for sure. If you want to check out their work, checkout his Website, Instagram, and Behance