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Mado | Best Turkish Baklava in Kuwait for 2019

The Carrot Shaped Baklava is one of the most popular Turkish Baklava’s ever. I got used to eating it after eating steak at either Nusr-Et or Sultan Chef. Eating Baklava and dondurma ice cream while having tea is the best combination ever. The great thing about this Baklava is that it tastes exactly the same whether you have it at the store or when you order it on Carriage app. The problem is when you have one and it isn’t enough and you go for the second one. You will regret it a little, but it is worth every bite.

Mado | Best Dondurma Ice Cream in Kuwait for 2019

Dondurma ice cream is my very favorite type of ice cream. I have tried dondurma ice cream at multiple places, but the best has always been Mado. I usually get the original vanilla dondurma that comes like a cylinder, but I make sure to get it very cold. It tastes much better when it is as cold as a brick and with some pistachios, it tastes even better. I usually go to Mado at Bida to eat the dondurma ice cream, but if I don’t feel like to go. I order using Carriage application. Some people confuse the vanilla dondurma with mastic dondurma, so make sure you get the vanilla.

Mado Dondurma | The Best Ice Cream in Kuwait

One of my favorite desserts has always been ice cream. I really like gelato, soft serve, and danderma ice cream. For a while I have been going to Mado in Bidaa to eat their famous danderma block served on a piece of cold marble. The quality of their ice cream is superb, but make sure you get the ice cream extremely cold to experience the perfect taste. Mado serves both food and dessert, but I usually go for dessert only, because their food is average.

Today while I was walking in the Avenues, I saw Mado Dondurma, which is the same concept, but focused on desserts only. I got the danderma block to go, and sat on a bench and I started eating it. It was extremely delicious and I am officially ranking it the best ice cream in Kuwait period. Try it out and let me know what you think.