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KFC | Why Did The Best Chicken Nuggets in Kuwait Disappear

What happened to the best chicken nuggets in Kuwait. KFC chicken nuggets was my very favorite for a very long time. Sadly more than a year ago, it suddenly got discontinued and their only option right now is their popcorn chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I like KFC popcorn chicken, but it doesn’t substitute KFC chicken nuggets. McDonald’s chicken nuggets does compete with KFC, but I still prefer KFC chicken nuggets much more. I really hope they offer it again one day, because I really miss it. I don’t know other places which offers good chicken nuggets besides KFC and McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Self-Order Kiosk

McDonald’s is leading innovation with their technology and the latest thing that is spreading across McDonald’s branches is the self ordering kiosk. I saw the self ordering kiosk about 6 months ago in McDonald’s on Gulf Street. The kiosk was user-friendly, and extremely convenient. People were waiting in line, and I wanted to avoid the wait of few minutes. I went directly to the self ordering kiosk which no one was using, and I ordered from it. The experience was really amazing and efficient. This technology should be used in all restaurants around the world. I believe this technology has so much room to improve and the cycle is still at the early stages. I was surprised when I saw the self-order kiosk for the first time, because labor is cheap in Kuwait. McDonald’s has always been an exciting company when it comes to technology, and I really look forward to see what they come up with in the near future.