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Where To Pre-Order Xbox Series X in Kuwait

This year is the most exciting year for video game consoles. The release of PS5 and Xbox Series X is making everyone wait for the end of year to arrive ASAP. The competition between Sony and Microsoft is getting much more intense. In 2013, the comparison was mostly about console power. In 2020 things have completely changed and it became about console exclusives. Now the question is where to pre-order Xbox Series X in Kuwait. Both consoles will be sold through the same distributors in Kuwait, and again there will be 2 options to pre-order the console.

The first option is to pre-order through one of the local stores in Kuwait. The ones that I heard from friends that will have Xbox Series X during release is the following

The other option of pre-ordering is from an international site that delivers to Kuwait directly or through a forwarding address.

Sadly a lot of websites in the US stopped delivering to forwarding address such as Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.

I will update the links to actual listings as soon as they are live, so stay posted.


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