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Two Emergency Items That Needs To Be in Each Car in Kuwait

I always like to be prepared in case an emergency, especially with cars. There are lots of times that I was saved by my own emergency items, which I keep in the trunk of my car. From all the items that I bought in the past, two items saved me the most. Even though the chances of an emergency happening is less than 1-2%, it is still very important to have.

The first item is Fix a Flat, which fixes a flat tire by injecting foam into the tire and it will inflate it and seal it for 2 – 4 hours. The first time I used Fix a Flat was 2 years ago when I was in the farm until 3 AM. I was about to get into my car and saw the flat tire and the first thing that came to my mind was what am I going to do, because the spare tire is also flat. The farm is very far away from my home, and I didn’t want to leave my car at the farm and go back home with my brothers. I remembered that I always have Fix a Flat in the trunk of my car, so I took it and pumped the foam into the tire. The tire was inflated and sealed. I drove back home safely and fixed the flat tire the next day. You can buy Fix a Flat from Ace Hardware in Kuwait, which I highly recommend.

The second item is a car battery jump starter by NOCO sold by Garage Shuwaikh in Kuwait. The one I recommend is GB40, which is one of the smaller ones. I also recommend buying the case of GB40. NOCO GB40 has up to 20 charges, which means you can jump start 20 times. I have GB150, which is very large and I don’t think I needed something that big. I used my GB150 few days ago to jump start a family member car. Everyone who saw me jumping start the car with my GB150 decided to buy their own from Garage Shuwaikh. They all thought it was durable and much easier than connecting jump starting cables between two cars. I highly recommend buying NOCO products from Garage Shuwaikh

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