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Omnicharge : The Power Bank For My Magsafe 2 Macbook Pro

I finally found the portable power bank for Magsafe 2 in my Macbook Pro. The beauty about the Omnicharge 20 is that i can charge my Macbook Pro, and from the reviews on Amazon, it seems that people loved the Omnicharge 20. I usually use power banks to charge my kindle, phone, Nintendo Switch, and tablet. The only device that has been missing has always been my Macbook Pro. I tried a device in the past called Ravpower 2700 mAh, and sadly I shipped it from the US, and when it arrived, it didn’t even work at all. I was really disappointed, and when I read more reviews in the comment section, I realized that people faces the same exact issue. From my research, I heard Chargetech and Omnicharge does the best job, but so far I haven’t tried any. My friends are using Anker PowerHouse, and they love it, but it is too big to carry around.


Omnicharge 20