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La Croix Sparkling Water in Kuwait

I started drinking sparkling water when I was in the US. Back then my friends started a trend to switch away from high sugar sodas. I remember they used to buy Dasani sparkling water, which was really great. Then they started to try other brands such as La Croix and Kroger which we liked as well. Our favorites were Dasani Lime, La Croix Coconut, and Kroger Tangerine. Coming back to Kuwait, I suddenly lost all my favorite options until I found Perrier with flavors in cans. Since then I started drinking Perrier and always have it in stock. I remember finding La Croix at Sultan Center, but it was over priced. Each can were selling for 500 fils, which was a lot for sparkling water. Two days ago, I found out that Tons App is selling La Croix Coconut from City Center Shuwaikh. There was a great offer of selling each can at 300 fils, so I stocked 120 cans plus my current inventory of Perrier. Check out City Center Shuwaikh on Tons App.

Perrier Flavored Carbonated Water Packs Are Impossible To Find in Kuwait

This has been the case for so many years where Perrier flavored carbonated water packs is the hardest product to find in Kuwait. I literally go from one supermarket to another just to find it. I usually find it in fridges where they sell them per piece, but I want to buy them in packs. There were only two online places where they sell them in packs. Sultan Center and Drops application, and I was so happy until few months ago where I can’t find a single pack online. In Drops application, I can’t find any of Perrier products, which is really sad. Even in supermarkets I haven’t found it yet, so I decided to go to Mishref Co-op where it might be available. This is a real struggle, and someone should get La Croix or Dasani flavored carbonated water in Kuwait. At least someone compete with Perrier in Kuwait, because in the US that was never the case. All products were always available.