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Best Pixel 3 XL Screen Protectors

One of the main issues with buying a Google Pixel is the lack of good screen protectors in the market. For iphone, there are a lot of great options. I searched the internet for a good screen protector and I found articles across the web. It seems these articles were recommending screen protectors that they haven’t used. I bought some of them, and they were really junky. When I search Amazon, I only find the terrible ones. I will review each screen protector I bought for my Google Pixel 3 XL.

1- Rhinoshield Glass Screen Protector: This one is by far the best one. It is very responsive, clear, and tough. The only issue is that it sometimes block the proximity sensor. My wife and I have the same phone. For here it worked perfectly, but for me it blocked the proximity sensor. When I call someone, the screen will turn black until he hangs up. I had to remove it even though I like the quality of the product.


2- Rhinoshield Impact Screen Protector: I have been buying Rhinoshield screen protectors for a very long time. I believe their quality used to be much higher in the past. I always leave my keys and phone in the same pocket, and the older Rhinoshield would handle all scratches easily. This time the screen protector was damaged just by having the phone in my pocket. I replaced the screen protector with a new one, because I don’t like to see an imperfect screen. I dropped the phone on the street, and the screen protector and my phone screen both broke. I still can’t believe it, because I am used to Rhinoshield handle much more than that. Overall the screen was very responsive and clear, but the durability is the only issue.

3- Zagg Invisible Shield:  I bought this one, because they sell it on Google Store. It is very clear and responsive, but sadly it broke easily. I dropped my phone on the ground and it broke the screen protector only. I replaced with a new one, but it broke in multiple locations just by having my keys in my pocket.

4- Qoosea: Total piece of junk, it isn’t responsive at all. I have to push very hard to be able to click on an icon. I can’t find a good screen protector on Amazon.com which is very sad.

I would recommend Rhinoshield the most, but I will update my review since I have been using it for few days only so far. Waiting to use it more to give my final review.