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Plex Sync: Cast Vs Airplay

I have been an Android fan since November 2012 and since then most of my devices are Google devices. The only product I use from Apple is my Macbook Pro due to the user-friendly browsing. Today I was surprised that for the first time ever, I favor using Apple TV over Android TV. I have always been using Chromecast and Android TV, and I really love using the casting feature. Today I realized that the casting feature is really limited compared to Apple Airplay. The issue started when I was trying to watch an animation episode on Plex, but for some reason I was having issues with streaming at Full HD due to the slow internet connection. I decided to sync (download) the episode on my Android TV, or Fire TV, but it wasn’t possible. I just knew that the only sync option is with mobile and tablet devices, so I ended up syncing the episode on my Android phone. When the syncing was complete, I tried to cast it on my Android TV, but it was streaming again. It didn’t run the downloaded episode from my phone on Android TV. It was a big disappointment because I didn’t know what to do. I decided to sync the episode on my wife’s iphone, and then use Airplay. Guess what, it worked perfectly and it was running the downloaded episode from the iphone on Apple TV. We really enjoyed the episode, but again I was disappointed in the casting feature which need improvements big time.