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QYNDA | The Best Premium Modest Activewear for Women

Every now and then I see concepts that are really worth looking into, because they cater for segments that no one catered for in the past. There was a segment in the market that was so obvious for many years but no one catered for it in a professional way. It never crossed my mind that women are facing an issue where they buy each sport piece from a different store to maintain a modest or conservative look. They buy the top from a store, the bottom from another store, and the jacket or hoodie from another store. The overall look isn’t perfect or consistent, but that was the only option available, because majority aren’t doing it in a professional way. The majority I have seen are instagram accounts that contract with local tailors, which eventually doesn’t last long due to durability issues. For manufacturers to produce durable high quality products, they need the right equipments and machinery. QYNDA is the brand that covered the segment in a very interesting way where they spent a long time creating very nice designs with ultimate functions. They were getting feedback from women playing various sports, and each were giving feedback from their own experience to improve the function further. QYNDA is so focused on research and development to constantly lead the market in terms of design and function. They also manufacture in the top manufacturing facilities in the world to compete with the top sport brands in the world. QYNDA is one of the brands that reminds me of Vessi shoes, where they have a very unique concept that focuses on making the best waterproof shoes ever. This in my opinion differentiate the product and have a perfect competitive edge. QYNDA is competing with brands on an international level where it earned the title of the best premium modest activewear for women among athletes. If you are thinking of buying modest workout clothes for women then check them out.

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