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God of War 4 Review

Two months ago, I played a really amazing game on PS4 called God of War 4. I spent around 3 weeks playing the game and I can say it is one of the best games ever. Santa Monica studio is an impressive studio, and it is considered one of the main assets for Sony. When I saw the trailer of God of War 4, I was impressed with the graphics and the acting. The clever part is that Sony didn’t show much of the game, so I had no clue what I was getting into. They did set expectations lower than what they delivered and that was a genius move. When I finished the game, I tried so hard to beat the Valkyries and it took me few days to beat them all. One day I played more than 8 hours just to beat the Queen Valkyrie.

I wanted to buy the collector’s edition from my very favorite video game store in Kuwait which is ProGaming. Sadly I didn’t expect the collector’s edition to sell out very fast. Now I constantly check Pro Gaming website which is pgaming.com to see what other collector’s edition games they have.

Lets see what will I play during this summer.

Funko Pop | Suddenly Available All Over Kuwait

I started to see Funko Pops around 2 years ago, but it wasn’t really available much. I remember I used to go to video game exhibitions such as Knot, Comic Con, and IGN. The store that sold them was Pro Gaming, and I remember most people were buying from them. Sharingan is another store, but they didn’t focus as much on Funko Pops. Now the availability of Funko Pops has changed so much where it is literally available everywhere. The first place I saw them, and the display was really nice, it was at Fantasy World at the Avenues. When I saw the display, I was really impressed, because it was the coolest part of the entire store.

Fantasy World at The Avenues

I saw the products at Xcite and Xcite.com, but I wasn’t really surprised because Xcite get all types of products. It was still nice to have them on both the store and website. The only thing I didn’t understand is the way Xcite protects the product. Usually they use the RFID tags for expensive products, but it shouldn’t be the case for Funko Pop.

At Xcite Store in The Avenues

At Xcite.com

The product has always been available at Ufff and you can still buy them from Ufff.com or from their instagram page Ufff. Ufff.com is one of the best websites in Kuwait. They sell lots of Funko products and other toys and collectables. I like their website design a lot and their branding is really impressive

At Ufff Website Ufff.com

The place that I really didn’t expect to find Funko Pops at is Trolley, but it was a genius idea, because I saw the kids asking for them even though they were going to buy candy and chocolate.

At Trolley in Qurtuba

It is really nice to find Funko Pops all over Kuwait, and I am happy to see such a great product being available even at convenience stores. When you think of buying a gift for anyone whether it is a kid, teenager, or an adult. They love getting Funko, and this is what I have been getting these days, whenever I need to buy a gift. I buy Funko Pop, and the most recent one I bought was Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop from Xcite at The Avenues.

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