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Project Fi – A Service That Changed My Life

Project Fi is one of the services that completely changed my life. I was invited to Project Fi back in August 2015, and back then I was using At&t. I decided to give it a shot and try Google’s latest service. The service was great, but it had some limitations. The main limitation I faced was not being able to have my Whatsapp calls while driving on the 5 or 405 freeways. The connection used to disconnect every 30 seconds and then reconnect again. I ended up going back to At&t for a while, and 6 months later when my schedule was packed with trips outside the US. I joined Project Fi one more time and it completely changed my life. It is such a convenience when I land in each country and turn on my phone while I am on the plane and get internet connection instantly. The only country I didn’t get internet connection was Lebanon, so I had to buy a sim card from one of the local telecom companies. Last time I used Whatsapp calls on the 5 and 405 freeways in Socal, I saw major improvement. The call disconnect every now and then, but I can live with that. Whatsapp calls on Project Fi is’t as reliable as At&t or Verizon, but I believe Google will eventually get there. The beauty about Google is that they always push to improve their services, and they always keep everything very simple. Now most of my family switched to Project Fi, and all of us are really happy with the service. Can’t wait to see Project Fi having internet connection in every single country around the world.