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Lenovo Thinkpad P52

I have been a Mac user for a very longtime, but due to crazy prices. I decided to take a risk and switch to Lenovo, which had a really amazing specs. I decided to buy the P52 at around $3,000. Instead of getting 16 GB, I got 64GB of Ram. Instead of of i7, I got Xeon, so the specs is on a total different level. I was so happy with my purchase at the beginning, but things have completely changed after a software update.

The software update was bricking the touchpad of P52 users, and Lenovo knew it was bricking people’s laptops for a very long time. The issue was published December-20th-2018 and my laptop was bricked around a month ago. They kept the damaged update live for almost 2 months, and they never removed it until someone told them to do so.

The name of the issue is PS/2 Mouse Not Detected, and it affected a very large number of Lenovo users. Until now there is no full fix, where they released a fix that fixes the touch pad but not the track point. Lenovo create amazing hardware, but their software and support are terrible, so it isn’t worth the purchase. Most people in the forum regret buying a Lenovo and I am one of them


Update: Lenovo did release an update to fix the issue and the laptop is working perfectly now. I love the laptop and the thing I love the most is how easy you can upgrade the hardware and the keyboard