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Rock House Sliders Opened in Los Angeles

I just got fresh news about Rock House Sliders “RHS” in Los Angeles from my friends in Kuwait. They said they are open now for business and they are doing pretty well. I heard about the opening back in October when LA Eater posted an article about a Kuwait based company wanting to teach LA how to do sliders. Honestly I thought that was a very bold statement considering the US make the best burgers in the world, but I really wish RHS the best of luck. The owners are really ambitious and we always support Kuwaiti concepts in and outside of Kuwait.

This is a picture back in January 2018 when the site was under construction. Sadly I was in the US, but I didn’t pass by RHS. I am going again this summer and I really can’t wait to go and try it out. I am really happy to see Kuwaitis expanding overseas and try to create global chains. Kuwaitis are really talented and now they are making a difference more than ever.

Good luck to the owners of Rock House Sliders, and the Ryukers team wish you the best of luck. We want you guys to succeed in California.

Rock House Sliders Address:

7950 W Sunset Blvd Ste 103, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Phone: 323-952-6016

Website: https://www.rockhousesliders.com/