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Honey Extension The Magical Extension That Saves Tons of Money in Almost All Websites

Friends and family always ask me how I save so much money on websites like Lenovo, GoDaddy, Hanes, and more. The secret is that I use a magical extension called Honey on Google Chrome. This extension tries all coupons available one after the other until it finds the one that get the most saving. Last time I bought a $5,000 Lenovo laptop for a family member it saved me $2,500, so I only paid the remaining $2,500. It is an amazing tool, and even if it doesn’t save money. It will get you points which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards. Friends and family members regretted paying full prices for so many items, and they could have saved thousands of dollars. If Honey doesn’t find a great coupon, try RetailMenot website and double check.