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Swiitch – Sell Your Phone At Amazing Prices While Being At Home

Every year I go to Sharq to sell old phones that belongs to me and my family. I usually walk in every single store to check the price for every single phone. I sell all the phones to the store that offer the highest value. The process is so time consuming and annoying, and I know for a fact that they offer very low prices compared to the trade in values I see in the US and other countries. Since I have no option, I end up selling even though I know that I can sell it for more, but when I consider the shipping cost to the US, it isn’t worth it. Now it is no longer the case where I found Swiitch app and it is so easy and convenient.

The process goes as follows:-

1- Download the Swiitch app on iOS / Android

2- Choose the phone you want to sell

3- You will see a price estimate if you have everything and if it is in perfect condition.

4- Uncheck anything that doesn’t apply

5- You will receive a message to confirm the order via Whatsapp

6- Send the address and location

7- Someone will come to your home to check the phone to match the condition you submitted

8- They will take a picture of your Civil ID and let you sign the contract on their phone

9- Lastly they will ask you to send a payment link and they will pay immediately

It was such an easy, fast, and smooth experience. I told my friends and family already, and a family member of mine sold her phone 2 hours after I sold mine. She told me that was the most convenient experience, especially that she doesn’t like to go to the stores in Sharq or Hawali.

Try Swiitch App now and let me know what you think in the comments.