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Kuwaiti Plays (Masraheyat) on Netflix Starting with Bye Bye London by Abdulhussain Abdulredha

I couldn’t believe the news that Kuwait plays (Masraheyat) started to show on Netflix. I believe it was a genius decision by Netflix team to start with Bye Bye London as their first play. It is one of the most popular plays in Kuwait. Until this day people reference scenes from Bye Bye London. Netflix is competing hard with Shahid and OSN. Right now I have subscription for Netflix, Shahid, and OSN. I have Netflix, because I like their original TV Shows. I have Shahid for the Khaleeji TV shows such as AlKoun Fi Kaffa, and I have OSN because my family wants to watch another TV Show by Suad Abdullah. I believe Netflix will be in a stronger position if they include more Turkish TV Shows.