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Shrimpy | Best Fried Shrimp in Kuwait for 2019

The first time I tried Shrimpy when a friend of mine ordered Shrimpy for our gathering at the Duwaneya. When I tried it, it was good, but nothing impressive. In general food taste so different when you eat it fresh at the store vs via delivery. The second time was when my prospective completely changed about Shrimpy. I was at McDonald’s in AlNuzha, but it was so busy and I didn’t feel like to wait. I decided to go somewhere else, so I saw Shrimpy very close to it. I went there and ordered fried shrimp monster size with coke. I got my order right from the fryer and the color was the perfect golden color. I had my first shrimp with tartar sauce, and it was amazing. Since that day, I am a fan of Shrimpy, but I always go to their branch in AlNuzha and have it there.