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Where To Pre-Order Playstation 5 (PS5) in Kuwait

The release of Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) this year will be totally different than previous years, because Sony PS5 will release globally at the same time. Now the big question is where to pre-order PS5 in Kuwait. I honestly don’t want to pay above market prices, which is something I used to do a lot back in the day. Going to Rehab Complex and seeing prices where they switch the original price in $ to KWD and still buy the product will never happen again. The first week of release usually have the highest prices then it drops gradually. Now there will be 2 options to pre-order PS5.

The first option is to pre-order through one of the local stores in Kuwait. The ones that I heard from friends that will have PS5 during release is the following

The other option of pre-ordering is from an international site that delivers to Kuwait directly or through a forwarding address.

Sadly a lot of websites in the US stopped delivering to forwarding address such as Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.

I will update the links to actual listings as soon as they are live, so stay posted.

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