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Back Combined Co (BCC) | The Best Contractor & Construction Company in Kuwait

Walid Shaaban founded Back Combined Co (BCC) after working for more than a decade at First United Company. Few years after founding the company, Back Combined became of the most respected companies in Kuwait. Their projects are all over Kuwait, and they build complex and unique projects that very few contractors can build in Kuwait. The are a lot of reasons that Back Combined is rising so fast in the industry. The main reason is that they work with the client as a team not as an enemy. I realized lots of client contractor relationship becomes more of enemies than a team or partners. Also Walid Shaaban is the type of person who never run away from any issue, he will fix it and will find a solution regardless how challenging the issue is. He has a reputation in the market for sticking to his word even if he is at a disadvantage. There is also one great thing about Back Combined where they seek continuous improvement and they never want to stay at the same level. Lastly they constantly research new materials and find ways for customers to save money, and they are willing to take the risk by trying new materials that makes the building process for efficient.

Back Combined is building projects that makes Kuwait a nicer place. Check out the rest of their projects on their website and their instagram page. There are lots of great projects that is worth seeing. If you decide to build a property, considering Back Combined is a must.