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Abdul Mutalib The Genius in Kuwait Who Fix & Repair The Impossible

At the company where I work at, we have an Asus F510UA that was completely damaged. The keyboard wasn’t functioning well, and it was giving wrong commands. For example when we click enter, it becomes space. We took it to multiple stores in Hawalli, but no one knew how to fix it. One person told us to order a new keyboard, and that should solve the issue. We ordered the keyboard, and we took it from one store to the other, but no one was able to fix it. The laptop was built in a very complex way, so it was challenging for anyone to fix it. My coworker always talk about a person who fixes anything from (PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Laptop, Smart Phone, iPhone, Android Phones, PC, Mac, Macbook, iMac, Tablets, Xbox, RAM, Hard Drives, SSD, Motherboards…etc). His name is Abdul Mutalib and his store is at the basement close to the restaurant in Alrehab Complex.

When I arrived at Alrehab, I was asking the stores where to find Abdul Mutalib Store, they all knew where he works. When I asked them about the name of the store, surprisingly no one knew it. I arrived at the store and the name of the store where Abdul Mutalib works is Workshop. I gave him the laptop and the new keyboard, and he opened the laptop so fast. He was confident that he will fix it, and an hour or so later. He called me and told me that there is a piece of plastic that is locking the keyboard, so if he fixes the laptop it won’t be like when the laptop was manufactured. I decided to proceed and an hour later the laptop was fully ready. Abdul Mutalib soldered the keys and he tested every single key on the keyboard. He made sure that his work is 100% perfect, and after I tested it. It was perfect in every aspect, so when it came to payment. I decided not to negotiate at all, because Abdul Mutalib is a very straight forward person. Whatever is the price, I will stick to it. His prices are very reasonable.

The next day I brought my colorware retro PS4, which was making very loud jet sound. The fan was very very loud that I can’t even focus on the game. Abdul Mutalib knew immediately that the issue was from the thermal paste drying up, heat sink connection, and fan being dusty. He took the PS4 apart and he fixed it all the way. It feels like a brand new machine and I can finally play Red Dead Redemption 2.

I am already telling everyone I know about Abdul Mutalib to fix any device. Now I fixed my laptop and my PS4, and next will be my wife’s cousin Thinkpad laptop which is showing blue screen of death all the time.

Abdul Mutalib Address: Hawally, Tunis Street, Rehab Complex, Basement Shop No: 603

Phone: 94936220

Website: https://workshoprepairs.com/

Instagram Account: shop_change_603_