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Why Do I Still Prefer Mac Over PC | Mac OS Vs Windows 10

I have always used both operating systems for Mac and Windows. I still prefer to use Mac even though I have been using Windows since Windows 95. There are very few things that I love the Mac for, but can never find in Windows. Let me share why I prefer Mac over PC

1- Trackpad Gestures: Mac has the easiest trackpad gestures ever where I constantly use swiping with three fingers or four fingers to show all application windows and select the one I want to switch to. This saves me so much time and I can easily switch between programs. Even though the same gestures are available in Windows, the locations of application windows after the swipe is easier to navigate than Windows.

2- Backup & Restore: With Mac I never worry about something happening with my laptop, because I have everything backed up and when I restore, everything will be the way it was. Even upgrading to a new laptop, I easily restore and have it identical to the older one. With Windows I still go through the same hassle of copying my files into a hard drive and pasting them into the new PC. Then I install each program that was on the old PC.

3- Search: The search icon is extremely easy to use and it easily find anything I am looking for.

4- Security: I never had a Mac slow down due to viruses or so even without an antivirus, but with Windows. The PC does slow down a lot, so I always reset it once in a while. Again the back up and restore in Windows is a hassle so it makes everything very hard.

5- Software Efficiency: I don’t know if it is just a feeling, but I feel the hardware becomes much more efficient on a Mac. For example the same amount of Ram and SSD, run much faster on Mac than Windows.

Let me know why you like one operating system over the other