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Be By Woodex | Bukhour Wardrobe in Kuwait

This is one of the best products ever. At first I didn’t believe that the bukhour wardrobe will really work until I tried it. I didn’t believe that the smell will be on my dishdasha that much. Even when I left my dishdasha to the next day, the smell was still there. Bukhour Wardrobe was invented by Woodex few years ago when the founder talked to his friend who sells Oud and Bukhour. The idea came because the traditional method for using bukhour isn’t as effective. In my mind, I thought the traditional method is better, because this is what I grew up with. Using a different method is usually hard for me because I resist a new idea at first. Until I try and see with my own eyes then I start to believe. I saw that Woodex charge more than other places but when I saw the built quality, finishing, and the German accessories used. I knew why there is a price difference.

Woodex sells Bukhour Wardrobe online, and you can choose any color to buy.

Woodex | The Best Closets, Wardrobes, & Cabinets in Kuwait

There are lots of carpentries that sells closets & wardrobes in Kuwait. A lot of them have one problem in common, which is design. It seems that one place create a horrible design and the rest copy it. There isn’t any research and development, which is very sad. Some closets and wardrobe designs are from ages ago with no innovation. I don’t know why this has been the case in Kuwait for a very long time. The very nice designs are usually from Europe and they are extremely expensive. The average person can never afford these closets. Woodex has managed to create impressive designs close to the ones from Europe at a much lower price. When it comes to quality, Woodex is known for extremely high quality and durability. Hossein the owner of Woodex is a very talented person. He is really passionate about woodworks, and he really cares that his products last for a very long time. My family have been dealing with Woodex for the past 15 years, and until today they always praise their quality. Sometimes we buy closets from other places which are cheaper, but we regret it few years later.

If you are thinking of buying a very high quality closets and very nice design at a very good price. Definitely buy from Woodex and you won’t regret it. Check their instagram page and website and let me know what you think. If you like to see things in person, you can visit their showroom in front of Abyat in Shuwaikh. I really believe that Woodex is one of the best carpentries in Kuwait.