Terrible Replacement Battery For Macbook Pro 15 inch 2015 From iFixit

I recently replaced the battery for my 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch. I bought the battery from iFixit which I totally regret, because it is a piece of trash. My battery after a usage of 4.5 years was about 2 hours, and after replacing the battery from iFixit I still get 2 hours. The problem is that the percentage stays at 80% or 70% for a while and suddenly drop to 7%. My previous battery never had this issue, so I paid $110 for a lower performance battery. Also when I close the lid, the battery doesn’t hold the charge at all. When I saw the reviews on iFixit website, I thought that I will be getting a great product. It wasn’t the case, and lesson learned.

I will never buy a battery from iFixit again.

Update: I finally found a perfect battery

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