Vacuum Robot | I No Longer Need a House Keeper To Vaccum

I was looking for a while for a vacuum robot in Kuwait, but sadly no one was selling them. From my research, I found out that iRobot makes the best vacuum robots, but the model I was looking for is expensive so I didn’t go for it. One day there was a great deal on Amazon for the Deebot N79 for $160, so I got one. The problem was that the voltage is at 110-120 volts, so I had to buy a converter for 220-240. When I got the converter and setup the N79 via the application on Android, the robot started to go around and vacuum. I was worried that it won’t cross the flooring trims, but it did cross them easily. The main problems with the vacuum is that it gets lost and find a hard time finding the charger, and the other problem is when it get stuck with my cables and rug. Other than that, the device is amazing and it saved us so much time from vacuuming the house. At the Diwaneya, when the guys complain about the increase of cost of getting a house keeper since demand is very high and supply is very low. I smile, because I have my vacuum robot and I am soon getting a mop robot.

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