Where To Order Playstation 5 (PS5) in Kuwait

The release of Sony Playstation 5 (PS5) this year will be totally different than previous years, because Sony PS5 will release globally at the same time. Now the big question is where to pre-order PS5 in Kuwait. I honestly don’t want to pay above market prices, which is something I used to do a lot back in the day. Going to Rehab Complex and seeing prices where they switch the original price in $ to KWD and still buy the product will never happen again. The first week of release usually have the highest prices then it drops gradually.

Pre-order through one of the local stores in Kuwait.

Playstation 5 Console in Kuwait:-


Playstation 5 Accessories in Kuwait:-

Xcite (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Best Electronics (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Eureka (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Geekay (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Game Store (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Games Q8 (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Switch (Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Remote)

Lulu Hypermarket (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

Blink (Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera, Remote)

3Rood (Controller, Charging Station, Wireless Gaming Headset, Camera)

AlFuhod (Controller, Camera, Remote)

A Store (Controller, Camera, Remote)

Pricing for the Playstation 5 (PS5) was released and it will cost 166.9 KD for the one that comes with CD drive and 133.9 KD for the digital edition. The release date in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea will be November 12th, 2020. For the rest of the world including Kuwait & Europe will be November 19th, 2020.

For official pricing I am monitoring all sites for restocking so follow me on Twitter and turn on post notification because I will tweet the moment they come back in stock.

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132 thoughts on “Where To Order Playstation 5 (PS5) in Kuwait

  1. Abdalla AlBassam says:

    Bro you’re awesome I know this website its just I forgot about that option lol. It still says soon though so its not open for pre-order yet, but you can always set an alert for that or atleast keep your eyes open or else they’ll go in an instant. I hope even if its higher than the market price, it doesnt go higher than 10% of the original price.

  2. Abdalla Albassam says:

    So apparently a recent Turkish website had posted a PS5 preorder and the Digital version was set to about $399 while the Physical version was set to $499. Alotta people expect those price ranges, while others still think the range is between 499-549 US dollars. We’ll have to wait and see as the price is expected to be revealed in August

    • ryuker says:

      Not sure when it will start. It is getting confusing where Sony announced that it will start next day in the US but started few hours later. Even in the UK, it was set for next week and they did pre-orders few hours ago.

  3. Abdalla Albassam says:

    Ok you guys I got some news. I’ve tried my best contacting the mentioned local stores and those were my results:

    Game Store: 2 days Maximum and they’ll start taking preorders so tomorrow or after tomorrow!

    Xcite: still no clue but once its up on the website you can start Preordering. Sign up your interest in PS5 for a notification from their site.

    Best Buy: next month Preorders will open, so keep that as your last option should you fail with your other options.

    Eureka: No contact number nor an email to have their feedback, perhaps instagram ?

  4. Husain AlAbdullah says:

    I’ll gladly pay 10-15 KD over retail if it means to get it at near normal retail price cuz rehab gonna probably double the prices as soon as it comes out

    • ryuker says:

      Yeah I totally agree with you Husain, I honestly think Rehab will be in the 240-280 range during the first 2 weeks of release. They always over charge when demand is very high.

        • ryuker says:

          I totally agree with you. I used to go to Rehab every week and buy physical games, but now I buy everything online. The figurine market is still strong in Rehab. because there are a lot of rare items.

      • ryuker says:

        It was a great timing Abdalla Thank you so much !! I updated the article during that time, and managed to get one. Sadly I couldn’t get a digital edition for my friend from Gamestore. It seems all stores are resisting to sell it because they can’t buy games

        • Abdalla Albassam says:

          Haha yw brother. I was reaally hoping for a Digital Edition cuz it looks better in my opinion and I dont buy disks. I might trade my Physical PS5 when I get it if I know that there would be a store that has a digital version

  5. vas100 says:

    Guys all stores best, eureka, x-cite have it up….order from xcite….none of the others seem to be able to process…i got mine processed from xcite

    • ryuker says:

      Thanks a lot vas100 😀 I managed to get a PS5. Was anyone able to get the digital edition ? my friends were resisting the purchase of the one with CD and now they regret it. They wanted the digital edition

  6. Salah Alajmi says:

    I really, really don’t want to spend extra cash and get the disc version. I haven’t used any discs since 2015. Do you have any idea when can we pre order the digital version?

    • ryuker says:

      Yeah I got it right before their server crashed. Now I prefer to get it from Kuwait because of warranty and pricing is fair this time. In the past I used to buy from Rehab Complex and it was much more than buying from the US.

    • ryuker says:

      Hey Waleed did you try going to Eureka or Xcite if you can place an order in their physical stores. I am not sure now if they have or not

  7. Waleed says:

    How did you get it?
    No till now I am confused with the disc version and the digital version but for me it doesn’t matter which one i get.

    • ryuker says:

      Did you try going to Eureka or Xcite physical stores and ask for pre-order ? Try you might have some luck, but it is unknown by now.
      I contacted some of my sources and they told me it is unknown right now if they will have more to stock as they are waiting for Sony to get back to them. In general supply is less than the demand.

      • Ayan says:

        also i have found out from lulu hyper market kuwaits instagram that you can also “pre book” from them but you have to go to the physical store if you want to prebook one

    • ryuker says:

      The one that comes with CD, the digital one isn’t available in Kuwait only in Game Store but never saw it in Stock. I personally don’t use CD’s at all

  8. Waleed says:

    I called Eureka a few moments ago and they told you can preorder ps5 the disc version and you have to pay the all amount and when it gets to the store by 19-11 they will call you.

  9. ali says:

    you seem to be great at tracking
    may i ask if you know a way to track or get notified when an upcoming collectors edition say like resident evil village gets ready to order

    • ryuker says:

      There are multiple ways. I was told about a Chrome Plugin called Page Monitor https://youtu.be/ujkChH_C-m8 but I honestly didn’t like it, I got a notification every time there was a basic change in the site. The other way which is less annoying but still annoying is following gamestore.kw Instagram account and turn on Post Notifications. It is annoying, but it works.