Will Switch Al-Babtain Release LG OLED TV’s in Kuwait ?

Few days ago, Switch Al-Babtain released new LG TV’s in Kuwait. All of the new models released are from 2020 and so far there isn’t anything from 2021. The interesting part is that they didn’t release any OLED TV. If you check their instagram comment section, most people are asking about LG CX OLED TV, but they kept saying that it isn’t available. Now the concern is whether they will release the new line of OLED TV’s such as C1, G1, BX, CX, GX, ZX and those are the ones that people are waiting for. I am waiting for my new gaming room to be ready to order LG CX 77 from B&H. The great part is that the shipping from B&H is really affordable. The cost of shipping form the US is $450 for the 77 inch TV. The first thing that will come to mind is the US voltage, and I was told by a lot of people that it is dual voltage. Even if you see that it isn’t dual voltage on the TV spec, some people tested it here in Kuwait and it worked without a transformer. If anyone is reluctant then you can use a voltage transformer to be on the safe side. If Switch Al-Babtain decides not to sell LG OLED TV’s then they will be missing a very big opportunity, because a lot of people are reluctant to buy a TV from UAE or the US and they will be buying the new Sony OLED TV’s that will be released later this year.

Update: Just confirmed with a salesperson at LG Al-Babtain that they will sell LG OLED TV’s in 2-3 months. Finally !

Update 2: OLED TV’s are available at Switch AlBabtain including the C1 line

15 thoughts on “Will Switch Al-Babtain Release LG OLED TV’s in Kuwait ?

  1. rashid says:

    we are getting sony a80j very soon from xcite,, it would be much cheaper than lg g1 from b&h with shipping , and a80j is great for gaming,, it support 2.1 hdmi and low input lag

  2. com says:

    i still prefer the LG oled for the G-sync support , 4 port hdmi 2.1 ,
    i wish thy release the G1 model soon in kuwait, its better to buy from kuwait for the warranty and WepOS region,,,,,,etc

    • ryuker says:

      Yeah this is my only concern, but you know the price difference is a lot. That’s why I am thinking of taking the risk and order it from the US.

      • Oled TV says:

        Did u pull the trigger, need confirmation..

        I risked cx last year on release and worked, but now I’m scared that C1 won’t ..

        Hope you got an answer

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