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Nest Cam – Simple Yet Limited

Nest is one of my very favorite companies, because of simplicity and user-friendliness. I started to use Nest when I first installed Nest thermostat to control via their app. Then I ended up needing to install cameras in both of my homes, so under my account there are 2 homes. A friend of mine saw what I have at home and asked me if he can use it for all his restaurants. I thought it was possible, but he wasn’t so sure. He talked to Nest customer service, and sadly they limit each account to 2 places where you can install the cameras. Meaning if I buy a third house, I won’t be able to add it to my Nest account because I already have 2 homes. Sadly small businesses would have benefited from Nest because they can install Nest cam in each branch or store.

Nest should capitalize on small businesses, because small businesses want to use Nest cam due to the simplicity of the product. If Nest don’t take an action, another company will. Amazon Ring might be a competitor, so there will be a first mover advantage.